Farmer Meets Foodie

Your Virtual Farmers Market

Farmer Meets Foodie is about bridging the gap between the farm gate and the commercial kitchen! We’ve now taken that a step further and are also connecting commercial foodies and producers to the people who love to eat what they grow, harvest and cook.

We have developed an easy and interactive way to find out who has what growing and who is looking to buy in your local area. Farmers, Harvesters and Producers are able to update what produce they have available when.

Chefs, Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers, Green Grocers and Butchers will be able to search for what they would like to source direct in commercial quantities.

While the foodies of Australia will be able to buy direct from farms, trawlers, cafes, food trucks, greengrocers, butchers and bakers. Knowing that they are supporting local businesses and getting the real story behind what's on the menu.

We have producers and commercial foodies setting up shops, produce and meals. If you would like to join them and get your produce sold direct, please sign up and set up your shop here or if you'd like us to set your shop up for you go here for more details.




FMF puts pricing in your hands.  Producers set their own price and commercial foodies make their decisions on what’s available for a price they are happy with.  All transactions are direct between the producers and commercial foodie. There is no cost for anyone – producers, commercial foodies or home foodies to be on our platform!  Food vendors are charged 5% on transactions, keeping the other 95% in the hands of our farmers, fishers and food vendors, meaning more going into keep our local communities and rural and remote Australia strong and vibrant!



Farmer Meets Foodie is for any product that is grown or harvested in Australia, produce is listed under categories – meat, fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry, sugar & spice, tea & coffee.  We have meals from cafes, restaurants and food trucks to cater for the pickup and delivery options that have started through COVID-19



The beauty of Farmer Meets Foodie is that producers and commercial foodies will upload produce and meals as they are available.  Allowing commercial and home foodies to search for what is in season right now.  And home foodies to see what shops are open for take away or delivery right now.




Some producers on Farmer Meets Foodie only operate in commercial quantities, while others sell direct to the public and some do both!  If you’re unsure check out the minimum order requirements on products or details in the individual shop



Getting produce direct from paddock or ocean to the commercial kitchen can be a challenge.  Dealing with the sudden need to have pickup and delivery for restaurants and cafes has been a quick pivot for everyone also.  On the App, vendors are able to specify if they offer pickup, free delivery, delivery with a charge or use Australia Post.  We have the option to incorporate any current shipping or transport method you use.  Contact us to get this set up for you.



Producer and commercial food shops can be searched for by their specialties – organics, pesticide-free, free-range, pastured, wild-caught are just a few examples of the goodness that is showing up on our platform!



Farmer Meets Foodie is a great place for you to advertise your business directly to your customers, local community and interstate.  Your audience will be very targeted and consist of those who are passionate about buying and selling local produce!



Farmer Meets Foodie has become a hub for Artisan products and meals from producers and commercial food businesses who are passionate about creating unique and innovative products and cuisine from the diversity of Australian produce.