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Local Produce on the Menu

Have you ever tried to organize an event using produce from your local region?  Farmer Meets Foodie founder Erica Hughes did this and came across the challenges of not knowing what produce was in season, which farmers would have it and which would be able to provide the quantities she was after. 

Erica lives on a small farm in Far North Queensland with her husband, son and daughter.  The whole family is passionate about supporting farmers in getting good value for their products, sharing the stories behind how food is grown, reducing food waste, reducing food miles and supporting commercial foodies in their commitment to using local produce.


Farmer Meets Foodie has been focussed in North Queensland where the idea was hatched, we are currently focussed on making our services available throughout Queensland and Northern NSW. However, businesses from across Australia are testing the site for us and we welcome more, if you’re a commercial foodie or producer anywhere in Australia please feel free to open shop on the site. 


Farmer Meets Foodie also runs small events to engage producers, community, youth, and children in sustainable agriculture and support boutique producers in telling their stories.