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Inspirational is probably the best way to describe my visit to Bushy Creek Farm. I spent a morning with the amazing Julie Larson who, with husband Tony, has over the past 6 years developed their Julatten property on the Northern End of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, to sell grass fed and finished chemical free beef direct to the customer.

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Being chemical free is no easy feat in the tropics, having year ‘round green grass comes with challenges such as paralysis ticks and a constant leaching of nutrients due to heavy rainfall. The Larson’s deal with this by moving the stock onto fresh pasture every day utilising electric fencing and using biodynamics and bio fertilizers to improve pasture. Moving the cattle daily reduces parasites such as worms and ticks.

The local egret population also play a role in reducing ticks following the cattle around and feeding on the ticks. The cattle are provided with a range of natural mineral licks from which they are able to self-select as to what they are deficient in and will use more or less of different minerals depending on the paddock they are in (if only we humans were ab and Facebook page know our mineral requirements!). where you’ll find out more about their operation. Visit our Facebook page to see some pics from the visit

Julie and Toni sell their beef locally through their website and deliver direct to the customer’s door. Julie is passionate about selling their product to people who appreciate the beef being chemical free, she enjoys the job of creating healthy soil and the satisfaction of raising healthy grass and healthy cattle. This is the website and facebook page where you’ll find out more about their operation. Visit our facebook page to see some pics from the visit

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