Marketing For You

Need help marketing your produce, telling your story or promoting your commercial food business?  


market boutique produce

A boutique experience for farmers looking to tell the story of their produce. Join us online where we’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of marketing your produce through Facebook, Instagram and traditional media.

This is a workshop tailored to those starting a business account on social media and those who already have one with under 2000 followers. 

Colored Eggs

next level marketing

So, you've set up your business in social media but you're still not sure if you're connecting with the right people to get your produce moving?  Join farmer meets Foodie founder Erica Hughes for an 8 week program to get you connected with those wanting to source your produce direct (to commercial buyers or to the public).

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business website design

Social media is where it's at but if you're looking for the long-term plan and exposure to get your business in front of buyers, it’s worth getting a website.  Having a quality website adds credibility to your business.  We’re able to develop your website to appeal to the foodies of Australia, we have a great understanding of this market while we also understand your business and won’t get you lost in tech talk and lingo.  We’ll get straight to the point of making a beautiful site that will keep customers coming back.